Transformations for ISO/TC 211 XML schemas

ISO/TC 211 provides ready-to-use transformation scripts to facilitate user migration to newer versions of standards.

Resources on this page are organized by standard identifiers.

ISO 19115-3:2022

The ISO/TC 211 XMG provides 2 XSLT scripts for users using previous version of ISO 19115-3 XML schemas to migrate to the current schema.

The current version of the ISO 19115-3 XML schema is v1.3. It corresponds to ISO 19115-3:2022, ISO 19115-1:2014 and ISO 19115-2:2019.

The transforms/19115-3-2016-2022 directory contains the XSLTs to convert ISO 19115-3:2016 XML (v1.0 and v2.0) instance documents into ISO 19115-3 v1.3 and ISO 19115-1 and ISO 19115-2:.

To use these XSLT files online:

  • Please directly refer to the URLs specified above, as these transformation files also refer to other component files provided in the same directory.

To use these XSLT files offline: