Codelist Catalog

This report describes the ISO TC211 codelist catalogs, the codelists they contain, and the values and definitions of the codes.

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Name: Codelists from the Metadata Common Classes (mcc) Namespace
Scope: Codelists from the Metadata Common Classes (mcc) Namespace
Field of application: ISO TC211 Metadata Standards
Version: 1.1
Date: 2017-09-10
Number of CodeLists: 3
Number of items: 50


MD_ProgressCode :

Description: status of the resource
Number of items: 18
Entry Definition
completed has been completed
historicalArchive stored in an offline storage facility
obsolete no longer relevant
onGoing continually being updated
planned fixed date has been established upon or by which the resource will be created or updated
required needs to be generated or updated
underDevelopment currently in the process of being created
final progress concluded and no changes will be accepted
pending committed to, but not yet addressed
retired item is no longer recommended for use. It has not been superseded by another item
superseded replaced by new
tentative provisional changes likely before resource becomes final or complete
valid acceptable under specific conditions
accepted agreed to by sponsor
notAccepted rejected by sponsor
withdrawn removed from consideration
proposed suggested that development needs to be undertaken
deprecated resource superseded and will become obsolete, use only for historical purposes

MD_ScopeCode :

Description: class of information to which the referencing entity applies
Number of items: 26
Entry Definition
attribute information applies to the attribute value
attributeType information applies to the characteristic of a feature
collectionHardware information applies to the collection hardware class
collectionSession information applies to the collection session
dataset information applies to the dataset
series information applies to the series
nonGeographicDataset information applies to non-geographic data
dimensionGroup information applies to a dimension group
feature information applies to a feature
featureType information applies to a feature type
propertyType information applies to a property type
fieldSession information applies to a field session
software information applies to a computer program or routine
service information applies to a capability which a service provider entity makes available to a service user entity through a set of interfaces that define a behaviour, such as a use case
model information applies to a copy or imitation of an existing or hypothetical object
tile information applies to a tile, a spatial subset of geographic data
metadata information applies to metadata
initiative information applies to an initiative
sample information applies to a sample
document information applies to a document
repository information applies to a repository
aggregate information applies to an aggregate resource
product metadata describing an ISO 19131 data product specification
collection information applies to an unstructured set
coverage information applies to a coverage
application information resource hosted on a specific set of hardware and accessible over a network

MD_SpatialRepresentationTypeCode :

Description: method used to represent geographic information in the resource
Number of items: 6
Entry Definition
vector vector data are used to represent geographic data
grid grid data are used to represent geographic data
textTable textual or tabular data are used to represent geographic data
tin triangulated irregular network
stereoModel three-dimensional view formed by the intersecting homologous rays of an overlapping pair of images
video scene from a video recording
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