Metadata for Services (SRV)

metadata for SeRVices (SRV) Version: 1.3

UML diagram of metadata for SeRVices classes in the srv namespace
Figure 1. Classes in the srv namespace
UML diagram of Metadata for SeRVices codelists in the srv namespace
Figure 2. Codelists in the srv namespace


SRV 1.3 is an XML Schema implementation derived from ISO 19115-1, Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 1: Fundamentals, Clause 6.5.14. It includes elements for describing services. The XML schema was encoded using the rules described in ISO/TS 19139:2007.

XML Namespace for srv 1.3

The namespace URI for srv 1.3 is

XML Schema for srv 1.3

srv.xsd is the XML Schema document to be referenced by XML documents containing XML elements in the srv 1.3 namespace or by XML Schema documents importing the srv 1.3 namespace. This XML schema includes (indirectly) all the implemented concepts of the srv namespace, but it does not contain the declaration of any types.

serviceInformation.xsd implements the UML conceptual schema defined in ISO 19115-1, Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 1: Fundamentals, Clause 6.5.14. It was created using the encoding rules defined in ISO 19118, ISO 19139.

  • SV_ServiceIdentification

  • SV_OperationMetadata

  • SV_OperationChainMetadata

  • SV_Parameter

  • SV_CoupledResource contains references to the following codelists:

  • DCPList

  • SV_CouplingType

  • SV_ParameterDirection

The srv 1.3 namespace imports these other namespaces: mrd cit

Name Standard Prefix Namespace Location Schema Location

Geographic Common Objects



Metadata Common Classes



Metadata for Resource Identification



CITation and Responsibility



Metadata for Resource Distribution



Schematron Validation Rules for srv 1.3

Schematron rules for validating instance documents required for a complete validation are:

Package name File name Location Constraint tested

metadata for SeRVive identification


  • SV_ServiceIdentification - count(containsChain + containsOperations) \> 0

  • SV_ServiceIdentification - If coupledResource exists then count(coupledResource) \> 0

  • SV_ServiceIdentification - If coupledResource exists then count(couplingType) \> 0

  • SV_ServiceIdentification - If operatedDataset used then count (operatesOn) = 0

  • SV_ServiceIdentification - If operatesOn used count(operatedDataset) = 0

  • SV_CoupledResource - count(resourceReference + resource) \> 0

  • SV_CoupledResource - If resource used then count(resourceReference) = 0

  • SV_CoupledResource - If resourceReference used then count(resource) = 0

Metadata Resource Identification


  • MD_MetadataScope/MD_Identification - MD_Metadata.metadataScope.MD_MetadataScope.resourceScope)='dataset' implies count(extent.geographicElement.EX_GeographicBoundingBox + extent.geographicElement.EX_GeographicDescription) \>= 1

  • MD_MetadataScope/MD_Identification - MD_Metadata.metadataScope.MD_Scope.resourceScope) = ('dataset' or 'series') implies topicCategory is mandatory

  • MD_DataIdentification - defaultLocale documented if resource includes textual information (test attempt only)

  • MD_DataIdentification - defaultLocale.PT_Locale.characterEncoding default value is UTF-8

  • MD_AssociatedResource - count(name + metadataReference

  • MD_Keywords/[SV_ServiceIdentification] - When the resource described is a service, one instance of MD_Keyword shall refer to the service taxonomy defined in ISO 19119

CITation and responsibility


  • CI_Individual - count(name + positionName) \> 0

  • CI_organisation - count(name + logo) \> 0

Other schematron rule sets that maybe required for a complete validation (optional direct from MD_Metadata or indirectly through associations) are:

  • Metadata EXtension mex.sch

  • Metadata for Resource Lineage mrl.sch

  • Metadata for Maintenance Information mmi.sch

  • Metadata for Resource Content mrc.sch

  • Metadata for Resource Distribution mrd.sch

  • Metadata for Reference Systems mrs.sch

  • metadata for SeRVice identification srv.sch

  • Metadata for ACquisition information mac.sch

  • Metadata for Resource Lineage extension mrlExt.sch

  • Metadata for Data Quality mdq.sch

  • Data Quality Measurement dqm.sch

Schematron Validation Rules for srv 1.3

Schematron rules for validating instance documents of the srv 1.3 namespace are in srv.sch.

Working Versions

When revisions to these schema become necessary, they will be managed in the ISO TC211 Git Repository.